Welcome to Semenza

Well, I guess I’d better start somewhere. Preferably at the beginning. It all started with a little bean, a scarlet runner bean. The scarlet runner bean is like any other pole bean except it has lovely scarlet flowers favored by bees and hummingbirds. It is an edible bean that is so pretty you can just grow it for the big splashes of red and orange tumbling all over whatever fence or trellis you give it to grow on.

And then there are the beans…purple mottled lovely things that look too pretty to eat. One day while perusing the internet I saw those beans referred to as “jewelry beans” and it got me to thinking. Could they be made into jewelry? Turns out, the answer is yes. So then I got to thinking, what else in my garden can be turned into art?

Turns out, lots of things. So I started creating a new body of work that incorporates organic objects and recycled materials in new and satisfying ways. Partly due to the rising cost of traditional art materials, and partly because I’m obsessed with the idea of making something from nothing, I’ve embarked on a new creative journey.