Canon EOS Rebel T3i!

So I finally, after years of deliberation, I broke down and got a digital SLR camera. I’m in love! It has been SO long since I’ve immersed myself in photography and it feels like I just came home. The camera just fits right in my hands. I have to relearn everything, but I still love photography just as much as I did in college. My uncle Cecil lent me his Canon when I took my first b&w photography class, and then part way through the class the camera broke! When I went to him and apologized profusely for breaking it, he told me that in over 20 years of owning it and using it, he had never had it serviced. It was just worn out and needed repair.  Then he gave me  a Pentax K 1000 camera as an “early” Christmas present so I could finish the class.

I took a few more classes and burned through countless rolls of film with that camera. I still have, and won’t part with, that first camera of mine. When I graduated I went through a period of time where I was just trying to get a job and all of a sudden film and darkroom rental and all the rest was just way too expensive; photography went by the wayside. Of course in the past 20 years the digital revolution happened and film and darkroom rental is STILL expensive, so here I am with my new Canon. The decision to buy the camera came from the necessity to photograph my artwork so I can post it to this blog, an Etsy store, or anywhere else I’d like to show my work, and I bought some basic photography lights and a photo light tent. I’m looking forward to learning how to use all the new equipment.

Here’s some of the first photos I took as I was figuring out what some of the buttons and dials do.


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