Aw Yeah Comics!

My son loves the Tiny Titans comic books by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. This year they opened a comic book store in Skokie, IL called Aw Yeah Comics. These guys are the best. My husband and son go there a couple of times per month. It seems that every time he is there, Art draws a new Beast Boy for my son. Beast Boy from Tiny Titans is Victor‘s favorite, I’m not sure Victor realizes yet how cool it is for the creator of his favorite comic to draw and sign stuff for him.

Art drawing Beast Boy for Victor

Art drawing Beast Boy for Victor

On July 28th Art and Franco hosted the Kids Make Comics Day, an event they are hoping to grow to the scale of Free Comic Book Day. If you are a comic book fan, you already know what that is. If you aren’t, it is an official day where comic book stores give stuff away. Since I’m not actually a comic book geek, but only live vicariously through my husband, that is all I know about it. But I digress. Art and Franco hosted the first Kids Make Comics day and we were there. It was my first time at Aw Yeah Comics, and I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere and great selection of cool comic stuff. And, when Victor was stumped on how to draw his favorite character Beast Boy, Art once again drew an example for him to copy. Given that my son wakes up in the morning, drinks a cup of warm milk, and goes straight to copying pictures of characters out of his comic books and drawing random stuff from there, I think there is a decent chance Art and Franco might be stocking something created by my son in a decade or so. But I think that is the whole point of Kids Make Comics day, that is, to spark interest in the art form for future generations. Aw Yeah, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani!

Making comics

What should I draw next?

Aw Yeah! Beast Boy!

Aw Yeah! Beast Boy…on the shop window.

Beast Boy by Victor