5/3 Bank, Thanks for Feeding my Honeybees!


I know I just said no more bee posts for a while, but I don’t often get an opportunity to randomly thank a local business for doing something environmentally friendly. I was just at 5/3 bank near Harlem and North in chicago. I think every bee in the neighborhood, including bumblebees, orchard mason bees, honeybees and several kinds I couldn’t identify, were busy working the flowers planted around an otherwise grey concrete parking lot. Given the fact that my Sweet Melissa hive sits less than a mile away, chances are pretty good that at least a few of these honeybees are mine.

The plant that was so popular appeared to be something in the mint family and I’d love to know for sure. I wonder did the 5/3 Bank landscapers know they were going to feed bees or were they just looking for an easy, long flowering, drought resistant plant?  



Anyway, when local businesses use plants like these around an otherwise lifeless expanse of grey concrete parking lot, they not only make it more inviting for their customers, but play an important role in the local ecosystem. I think these parking lot landscaping areas can and should serve multiple purposes. In fact they play a vital role in providing habitat for creatures that wouldn’t otherwise make it in an urban environment.

5/3 Bank, Whether you meant to feed my bees or not, thanks for the bee food!


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