Garden of Eat’n

Today is Tuesday. That means that at work, it is Salad Club Day. A bunch of us bring a variety of salad fixings and greens, and we make our own salad bar. During this time of year, I get to bring in some goodies from my garden! Here’s what I picked this morning:


This is me at about 6:00 am contemplating the harvest over my first cup of coffee. I’m standing in front of a rugosa rose and a whole patch of tomatoes.


This is the fence along the South side of my yard. There’s about 30 or 40 feet of pots lined up on benches made by my husband. The rest of the approximately 75′ of fence has pvc pipe with vining things in them. Pictured here, though, are mainly different kinds of peppers.


A bit further down the fence, a wild bee enjoys the patty pan squash blossom. This is not one of my honeybees…it looked like a small bumble bee.


One handful of Raspberries is all that is left of the big raspberry patch I usually grow. I transplanted my raspberries but they have not taken well to the new spot. Hopefully they’ll get established by next spring, otherwise, I’ll have to start with fresh plants.


Here’s some swiss chard, gooseberries, patty pan squash and purple pepper I harvested for Salad Club.



3 thoughts on “Garden of Eat’n

  1. Your salat club is quite lucky getting all those goodies, isn`t it?!
    Greetings from the sunny coast of Norfolk

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