The Very Rough Draft

hornets nest

hornets nest

What shall I write?

I have not blogged in a while.

I’ll start a post, I’ll kvetch in style.

I can’t think of a topic, but I know if I start,

If I just keep on typing, soon it will be art!

Half a day later, I’m sitting in bed, cruising on Facebook, to see what friends said.

Oh no! Oh crap! Can it be true? I published that draft? And tweeted it too?

When did that happen? What did I do? When I thought I was saving….I sent it on through!

Quick! Hit delete! I wonder who read

that part of a post that I’d rather not send.

What to do now, should I try and complete it, update the post the way I really mean it?

Should I just ignore it, and hope for the best? Hide my embarrassment, try not to get stressed?

Or just write a poem to remind all of you

That when you are blogging, before you are through

Be Extra Careful to save but not publish

those very rough drafts that are pretty much rubbish.


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