What is Semenza?

In Italian, semenza means “a sown field”, as in a field of wheat or other similar crop. It also refers to the batch of seeds used to sow a field, and, more abstractly, the “cause, reason, subject, spring or root.” *

Anyone who knows me knows I have an avid interest in all things agricultural as well as all things artistic and I am always looking for ways to combine my passion for organic gardening with my passion for creating beautiful things. This blog is a place where those two passions can unfold together as part of a greater mission to live a creative and centered life, deeply connected to the natural world, while encouraging others to do the same. Semenza seemed to be a fitting name for a blog devoted to sowing the seeds of creativity, in myself, my readers, the world in general.

*From: Italiano ed Englese by Giuseppe Marco Antonio Baretti.


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