ARC 40th Anniversary Video

Here’s a video from the ARC Gallery 40th Anniversary Exhibition. It was great to reconnect with women from the gallery! I also attended a panel discussion the day after the opening. Past and current presidents were there to answer questions about the history, present and future of the gallery.

My piece is at 1:46-1:51 in the video, bottom right corner of the frame.The show is up for the next month so if you are in the Chicago area looking for something to do, stop by and see it!


Climate change

As lots of us have heard already, 2012 was the hottest recorded year in history (in the contiguous United States). Personally it was very easy for me to see that something unusual was going on, as I had to fight to keep my garden and even a full-grown tree alive and healthy during the drought over the summer. And it isn’t over: as of January 14, here in Chicago, we have yet to have a significant snowfall that capable of even covering the blades of grass in the lawn, or that sticks around more than a couple of hours. Not only has it been an unusually warm winter, but we’ve had frighteningly little moisture of any kind other than a few grey, drizzly days. If you aren’t a farmer or gardener you may be happy about this, but right now I’m quite concerned about how I’m going to keep my veggies watered if this keeps up.

Yet, this ample evidence in my own back yard is not why I believe what the scientists are saying about Global Climate Change. I accept the theory of global climate change and our part in the process because a lot of science has been done around the GLOBE that indicates this is what is happening.  But by the logic used by many global warming deniers, I can tell you climate change IS happening. We’ve had some mighty freaky weather here in Chicago over the last few years. This summer heralded the worst drought I’ve ever seen. Chicago has, in my lifetime, gone from being known for big snow storms to no snow at all.  I’ve seen a flock of PARROTS in my backyard, for Pete’s sake. Obviously, this is incontrovertible evidence and we can now get on with fixing the problem.



These two were seen in the parking lot of a shopping center in Boynton Beach, FL on 5/30/09.
(Part of a Monk Parakeet Set).
A pair of lovely Monk Parakeets mauricholas/ Maureen Leong-Kee’s photostream
Scientific name: Myiopsitta monachus

Tasty RAW Art

I last posted to this blog very early on Saturday morning, and now I am writing fairly late at night after the Ravenswood Art Walk is over. I am exhausted and happy. All I can say is, it was a wonderful event and I definitely want to do this one again next year. There was a great crowd, amazing artists, music and yummy food. I was able to take a good look at the other vendors in the big main tent. I do wish I’d had a chance to walk through some of the artists’ studios in the neighborhood. There are some wonderful artists’ work spaces nearby and I want to see more of them.  Over the next several posts I’ll be showcasing some of the different artists I met including pictures of their work, but I’m way too beat to delve into that tonight! I will, however, leave you with a bunch of photos in my flickr stream so you can get a peek at the visual feast from this weekend. If you are in the Chicago area, plan on visiting RAW next year, it is well worth it to take an afternoon stroll through the art spaces of Ravenswood.

Our display

This the booth I shared with Rose Bachi from 13 Moons Designs

RAW big tent