What little girls are made of…

This can be seen live tomorrow at A.R.C. gallery in Chicago, in the show “You Lookin’ at Me?” The theme of the show, as stated on the website, is this: “This exhibition will celebrate what we honor and admire and/or what we fear and disdain about ourselves. We are seeking images that deal with these issues. We seek to present a cast of characters. We want to feature various kinds of depictions, stylizations, comic book portrayals, straight portraits, abstractions, or however else you imagine yourself.”

It should be a great show. I’ll be at the opening tomorrow night, I hope to see you there!



No Honey…Yet

This is a video of me doing a quick inspection of my beehive. I’m really just checking the top box to see if there is any honey that I can harvest. They still have a little ways to go before I can harvest anything. Since I gave away 3 frames of eggs and brood to my brother to save his last remaining (queenless) hive a few weeks ago, they’ve probably been more busy in the bottom box drawing new comb on the new frames down there than putting honey up in the top box. I did see a couple of frames that were almost full, just not capped. I should be able to harvest those in the next week or two, which is good because I’m almost out of honey and I don’t want to buy anymore. I don’t expect to take more than a few frames this year, but that should be enough to get a couple of small jars of honey. I can’t wait!