A Thought-provoking Piece of Performance Art-a Feast of…Rats?

Before you recoil in horror, check out this kickstarter page and listen to Laura (not me…different Laura!) explain her project. And yes, you read correctly, a feast of rats is involved. I’m personally not interested in eating rats, but I do appreciate the territory she is exploring. I was briefly a vegetarian and then learned how to butcher chickens as a way to connect with the source of the food I was eating. As a college student studying medical illustration, I dissected and collected bones,shells and feathers from dead things I found in order to better study and make drawings from them. But what most resonated with me was when she spoke of how we put so many layers between the world that sustains us and the products we use. She tans leather and creates something useful from the world; I can relate because I collect seeds and plant fibers and pieces of bark to use in artwork and to make something directly connecting to the world. She says it better than I…watch the video.